Friday Inspiration – 11.14

Photo by Stephanie Buck

A roundup of some recent stories, photos, blogs, articles, etc. to inspire us towards better visual and written storytelling:

Photographing the unphotographable.” An interview with photojournalist Glenna Gordon about going beyond the typical war photography images: “I was surprised by how many people told me that my photos helped them see the girls for the very first time, which speaks to the power of objects to tell these stories.”

The takeaway: Creativity and determination make it possible to tell stories of war and tragedy without resorting to tired cliches.

10 photos that tell the real story of poverty.” Brandon Stanton is the photographer behind the popular Humans of New York. The photos he took to promote the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are compelling snapshots of humanity. This photo essay is less about the MDGs, and more about people.

The takeaway: Beautiful portraits and interesting questions make for dignified, nuanced stories that help us connect as human beings.

Sorry, but it’s not YOUR project.” In line with my post on jargon this week, Jennifer Lentfer of How Matters discusses why this possessive adjective can be detrimental. Read through to the end. I promise it’s worth it.

The takeaway: How can we talk about locally driven change when we’re still claiming these projects as our own?

Braving Ebola.” I know, I know. We’re inundated with news about Ebola. But you should check out this photo essay. It’s one of the few pieces I’ve seen that focuses on the local health workers in Liberia and lets them tell their own stories.

The takeaway: The local health workers are the true heroes here. Human resilience in the face of tragedy is beautiful.

Happy Friday!


Photo by Stephanie Buck
Sunsets are inspiring, too, right?                                                                                                                              Photo by Stephanie Buck


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