Friday Inspiration 12.05.14

A roundup of some recent stories, photos, blogs, articles, etc. to inspire us towards better visual and written storytelling:

How would the US media report the Eric Garner case if it happened in another country? This is part of a series of articles that Slate produces called “If it happened there.” It challenges the assumptions we make about what we read in Western news sources. This story should also make us think again about how we frame the stories we tell about and for international development. Poverty and injustice are not unique to developing nations. We should not frame them as if they are. While the Eric Garner and Mike Brown cases are more devastating than inspiring, they can’t go ignored on a blog like this. To paraphrase Mayor De Blasio, the fact that people are rallying around the statement “Black Lives Matter,” reflects a sad reality. It is a statement that should be obvious.

Despite these harsh realities, there are still some great things happening around the world.

Oxfam reminds us of Five things to be thankful for right now. 2014 has been a difficult year. But let’s not forget about the good things happening, too.

Fishing with the Garífuna. In line with the recent posts on photography and context, here’s a beautiful photo essay about Garífuna fishermen in Honduras.

Finally, in the midst of the “Do they know it’s Christmas?” absurdity, see what artists from West Africa have put together to raise awareness.

And if you still feel like you need to take a shower after reliving the BandAid 30, here’s a link to the classic gem from 2012: Africa for Norway. Let’s let local artists do what they do best (and without the ego that comes with the white man’s charity single burden).


  1. The saddest thing is that this is not the US that I want to love. The “militarized state” doesn’t reflect where I live or what I want this country to be. I’m glad of the protests — hope springs eternal for change.
    What I do love about some of the other articles — people taking care of themselves, their community and really making a difference. This is the best of any community.

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