Friday Inspiration: Oldies, newbies, and goodies

It’s Friday! Finally. I don’t know about you, but in the midst of scandals, corruption, MERS outbreaks, etc., I could use a dose of inspiration to keep going. This week’s Friday Inspiration has no particular theme, but hopefully you’ll feel a little more encouraged as you finally collapse move into the weekend.

First up,  Sean Penn reflects on corruption and hope in the aid industry. It’s a really thoughtful piece. In it, he asks how we can rise up. “With reflection and gratitude,” seems to be part of the answer.

Next, Goldman Sachs is investing in 10,000 women. And it’s pretty darn inspiring. Just watch the video, and it will remind you that firms like this are actually trying to give back. It will also remind you that entrepreneurs who want to see their communities grow really can make a difference.

Speaking of women, check out how these women in Ghana are bringing clean water to their communities. Tom Murphy does a great job of keeping the women at the center of the story, there are some great photos, and plenty of input directly from the protagonists.

Moving east on the continent, it turns out that a hospital in Sudan is the only place in the world that provides world-class, lifesaving heart surgery – for free. Read the article, watch the trailer for the documentary. It’s a little heart-wrenching, but in a way that fills you with hope.

Finally, for a lovely photo essay on how youth are combating polio in India, check out this story by Robin Wyatt. It might be a couple years old, but stories about humans being awesome are timeless.


And here's a photo of Lake Titicaca for your Friday. Photo by Stephanie E. Buck
And here’s a photo of Lake Titicaca for your Friday. Photo by Stephanie E. Buck

Friday inspiration is a roundup of news, stories, and storytelling examples that are meant to, well you can probably guess this, inspire us. Feel free to submit yours here

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