Monday Inspiration: (East) Africa fights back edition

Photo by  Javier. Some rights reserved.
Photo by Javier. Some rights reserved.

Welcome back to the Inspiration series: a roundup of stories and discussions to inspire and challenge us in the way we talk about global development. 

A hotbed of terror? In case you missed it, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit wrapped up in Kenya this weekend. Obama was there. New partnerships were announced. Oh, and CNN referred to Kenya as a ‘hotbed of terror‘ (the headline and leader have since been updated to refer to the threat as a regional one). This may not surprise many people, given the US media’s tendencies toward hyperbole. But thankfully many Kenyans did not sit idly by. Instead, they took to social media and protested this hyperbole with cutting humor, poignant questions, and good old-fashioned sarcasm.

Photo by Ian Southwell. Some rights reserved.

Combatting stereotypes. A few weeks ago, the hashtag #theAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou popped up on Twitter. Fed up with poverty porn and images of war-torn countries, thousands of people from throughout the continent took to social media and shared positive images of Africa. Much like #SomeoneTellCNN, this hashtag calls out the one-sided reporting that international news media typically take when discussing anything on the continent.

The Dos and Don’ts of #Devpix: ODI held a #DevPix Twitter chat about the dos and dont’s of photography in international development. Many of the principles discussed on this blog were mentioned, along with some other helpful tips, questions, and suggestions.  Jennifer Lentfer shared the highlights here

“If a picture’s worth 1000 words, then surely they can tell more compelling, not overly-simplified stories of people’s realities” – Jennifer Lentfer (@intldogooder)

In their own words: Women and girls in Ethiopia speak about social pressures, hope, violence, and gender expectations through poetry. The seven poems selected here show a range of experiences that challenge the standard international news media story about girls experiences growing up in East Africa.

Photo by Rod Waddington. Some rights reserved.
Photo by Rod Waddington. Some rights reserved.

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