New Beginnings

Hi there!

It’s been a while. Over five years to be exact. I started this site to spark a conversation on how to make communications and storytelling for international development better. Over the past five years, I’ve focused on infusing those principles and best practices into my work at DC-based nonprofits. The dream that led me to launch this site – to start my own communications and storytelling consulting business – went dormant, but it never died.

In October of this year, I got laid off (thanks, COVID). I’d been working with a career coach to nurture my dream, but I was still keeping it in the shadows. When I found out my position at work was being eliminated, I knew it was time to bring that dream back into the sunlight. So I’ve launched Buck Communications.

If you’re still interested in storytelling tips and best practices, please connect with me on LinkedIn and sign up for my newsletter.

I won’t be posting to this site anymore and will likely shut it down in the new year. Regardless, I’d love to stay in touch.

Thanks for being my earliest supporters. I’m grateful for the ways you all encouraged me from the beginning.

Ideas to contribute to the discussion? Please comment below

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